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Brand Update

In Solidarity, We Stand

You can't have unity without community.


Like most of the world, we are heartbroken. Our words fail us at times as we search for truth and reconciliation.

The events in the past week have made it blatantly clear that the systemic racism and violence against people in the Black community is something we must all actively strive to eradicate.


As an organization, we are committed to listening and implementing change that makes a positive impact.

We have a lot of work to do, and we would like to use our platform for good.


Below are two organizations we will be making donations to:

Black Table Arts


The African American Policy Forum


Please email us at with any feedback. We will continue to speak up for what is right. Let's come together and help make progress.


Below are additional organizations that educate and focus on efforts to change:

MBK Alliance


Campaign Zero


Color of Change


Poor People's Campaign


With hope and love,


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